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  • Introduction To Automation
  • Why and When will we go for Automation
  • Selenium supporting browsers and Platforms
  • Basic Java Concepts
  • Environment needs for Selenium (Complete Set-up with libraries)
  • Difference between different Components of selenium
  • Record and Playback of test scenario with Selenium IDE

Web Driver (Selenium 2)

  • Why WebDriver for Selenium
  • WebDriver v/s RC
  • Advantages of WebDriver
  • Installing and Configuring Eclipse for WebDriver
  • Accessing Multiple browsers using WebDriver
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Constructing Xpath for Web-Element using following methods(in Firebug-FirePath)
  • Contains
  • Starts-with
  • Parent
  • Following
  • Preceding
  • Ancestor
  • Descendent
  • Following-sibling
  • Preceding-sibling
  • Normalize-space
  • Substring
  • Handling Attributes of Developer tools of IE(Internet Explorer)
  • Handling Web Elements by using web driver

Form Controls

  • Accessing Input box with example
  • Accessing Combo Boxes by using Select and List with example
  • Accessing Checkbox with example
  • Accessing Submit Buttons with example
  • Accessing Links with example


  • Accessing the rows and columns of Excel sheet
  • Parameterization of test data using Excel sheet


  • Verifying the properties of the web element with example
  • Verifying the titles, textboxes, Clickable buttons, links with example

Integration of AutoIT with selenium in Eclipse Environment

  • Importing AutoIT into Eclipse Environment using JOCOB
  • Implementing AutoIT methods

Handling Events on a webpage with Example

  • Keyboard events
  • Mouse Events

Handling WebElements by Co-ordinatees

  • Locatable
  • getLocationOnScreenOnceScrolledIntoView

Synchronization with Web Application

  • WebDriverWait
  • Implicit Wait


  • Integrating WebDriver with Selenium RC (Selenium1)
  • Using selenium RC methods with WebDriver Methods

Handling Alerts & Child windows

  • switchToAlert
  • getwindowHandles()
  • Handling Alerts using AutoIT (Integrating AutoIT with Eclipse &WebDriver)
  • Handling webpage frames


  • WebDriver – TakesScreenshot
  • Java Robot – createScreenCapture

Uploading Files into web page

  • By using WebDriver – SendKeys
  • Java Robot Method

TestNG Concepts

  • Preparing TestNG Parallel Suite
  • Running test multiple times, dependsonMethods,Groupin

Developing DataDriven testing using TestNG – Data Provider

  • Converting Excel data(or Database) to Multi Dimensional Array using ResultSet(JDBC)
  • Passing the test data to Selenium Script using Data Provider(TestNG)

Developing Page Object Model using TestNG – Annotations

  • Maintaining PageObjects, Helpers, Utils, TestRunner with folder structure
  • Implementing TestNG Annotations on testRunner

Developing Keyword Framework using Selenium Web Driver (Real Time Environment)

  • Creating Test Scenarios in organized manner in a Excel sheet
  • Executing Test Scenarios in Excel sheet (or Database) by using JDBC-ODBC connection
  • Developing keywords with selenium methods
  • Updating the Test Results after executing each test scenario
  • Capturing screenshots of the failed TestCases
  • Implementing Junit—Java Client Driver Framework
  • Executing test using Apache ANT
  • Integrating AutoIT tool with framework
  • Apache SVN – for code Version Controlling
  • Reporting the results using Jasper IReport

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