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WEBLOGIC ADMINISTRATION 11G /12C (on Linux Environment)

Description An enterprise application consists of various components and resources such as Enterprise JavaBeans, Servlets, JSPs, Database Connections, HTML files, XML files, etc. After application developers finish developing the various components, it is the system administrator’s job to put everything together into the WebLogic Server environment and make it available to users at Web browsers. As a WebLogic Server Administrator, you are responsible for, among other things.

  • Starting and stopping servers
  • Balancing the load on servers or connection pools
  • Selecting and monitoring the configuration of resources
  • Detecting and correcting problems
  • Monitoring and evaluating system performance
  • Deploying Enterprise JavaBeans, Web Applications, and Enterprise ApplicationsThis course is a highly hands-on course that teaches students all the important aspects of the administrative tasks on the WebLogic Server 11G Platform.

Objectives Course Outline 

·         WebLogic Server Administration Overview

  • Installations of WebLogic Server 11g
  • Applying Service Packs
  • Managing WebLogic Server Licenses
  • Domains, Administration Servers and Managed Servers
  • Administration Console

Starting and Stopping WebLogic Servers

  • Setting up WebLogic Server as Service
  • Starting and Stopping WebLogic Administration Server
  • Adding a WebLogic Managed Server to a Domain
  • Starting and Stopping a WebLogic Managed Server
  • Registering Startup and Shutdown Classes

Configuring and Deploying Applications

  • Dynamic Deployment
  • Deployment of Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Configuration and Deployment of Web Applications
  • Using Administration Console to Deploy Applications
  • Side by side deployment
  • Detail discussion about issues while doing deployment.
  • Deployment descriptors.
  • xml & weblogic.xml
  • Production deployment.

Administering Security

  • Basic Concepts of Authorization and Authentication
  • Basic Concepts of Cryptography
  • Security Models
  • Defining Users, Groups, and ACLs
  • Configuring Security in Web Applications
  • Setting Up Authentication for Web Applications
  • Restricting Access to Resources in a Web Application
  • Configurations for SSL Protocol Managing Database Connections and Data Sources
  • JDBC Overview
  • Setting up and Manage JDBC Connection Pools
  • Setting up and Manage JDBC Data Sources & multi data Sources.
  • Create and Manage MultiPools

Administering Java Message Service (JMS)

  • JMS Overview
  • Configuring Connection Factories
  • Configuring JMS Servers
  • Configuring Connection Consumers
  • Monitoring JMS

Administering WebLogic Server Clusters

  • Introduction to WebLogic Server Clustering
  • Create a New Cluster
  • Configure Replication Groups
  • Starting a WebLogic Server Cluster
  • Clustered Services
  • Load Balancing of Clustered Services
  • Failover Support for Clustered Services
  • Cluster-Wide JNDI Naming Service
  • Idempotent Objects
  • HTTP Session State Replication
  • Firewall Considerations for Clusters

Monitoring and Troubleshooting WebLogic Servers

  • Overview of Monitoring
  • Monitoring Servers
  • Overview of Logging Subsystem
  • Log File Format
  • Message Attributes
  • Viewing the Logs
  • Trouble shooting
  • Performance Tuning
  • The JVM
  • Memory
  • Garbage collection
  • Tools
  • Thread Dump
  • Heap Dump
  • Weblogic Scripting Language (WLST)
  • Apache Http Server integration(Plug-ins) with Weblogic

Detail discussion on Node Manager.

  • Importance of nodemanager
  • How to start & stop servers using nodemanager
  • Nodemanager log file.
  • How nodemanager control the servers in different Domains.



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