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  • SAP Portal Fundamentals
  • SAP Web AS Fundamental
  • SAP Web AS ABAP Administration
  • SAP Web AS Java Administration
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal Fundamentals
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration
  • Configuration of Knowledge Management and Collaboration
  • Implementation
  • Portal Components
  • Portal Services and Web Services
  • Single Sign On
  • CTS+
  • DBA Cockpit configuration for portals
  • Portal support pack upgrades


  • SAP Portal Fundamentals
  • SAP Fundamentals and Navigation
  • SAP NetWeaver Overview
  • SAP ECC and my SAP Business Suits Overview
  • Systems Landscape
  • Application Architecture
  • SAP Backend Technologies
  • SAP Web AS Fundamentals

SAP Solution Offering

  • Navigation
  • SAP System Architecture
  • Enterprise Services Architecture
  • SAP NetWeaver, Overview

SAP Web AS ABAP Administration:

  • Starting and Stopping SAP systems
  • Configuring SAP Web AS ABAP
  • User Management in SAP Web AS ABAP
  • Configuring Remote Connections
  • Patching SAP Web AS ABAP
  • Scheduling Background Jobs
  • Monitoring SAP Systems
  • Technology Components for Browser-based User Interfaces

SAP Web AS Java Administration:

  • Java Basics (non-programming topics)
  • Starting and Stopping SAP Web AS Java
  • Configuring SAP Web AS Java
  • User Management in SAP Web AS Java
  • Patching SAP Web AS Java
  • Software Logistics for SAP Web AS Java
  • Monitoring SAP Web AS Java

SAP NetWeaver Portal Fundamentals:

  • The Big Picture
  • The End-User’s Perspective
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Portal Platform Content
  • Security Aspects

SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration:

  • User Administration and Authentication
  • Portal Authorization Concept
  • Single Sign-On to Backend Systems
  • Integrating SAP Applications
  • Solution Management
  • Secure System Management
  • Design Modifications and Branding
  • Advanced Portal Scenarios


  • Installation
  • Sizing
  • Implementation and Methodology

Portal Components:

  • Personalization
  • Internationalization
  • JSP

Portal Services and Web Services:

  • Portal Services
  • Web Services

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