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Module 1 Introduction of Blackberry

  • Introduction of Blackberry Operating System
  • Life Cycle of Blackberry
  • Installation details
  • Introduction to Development Environment Setup
  • Components of Blackberry Hello World Application

Module 2 Creating Basic GUI

  • Buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Drop-down lists
  • Labels
  • Lists
  • Option buttons
  • Search fields
  • Spin boxes
  • Text fields
  • Tree views

Module 3 Custom GUI development

  • Use of Font
  • Custom Field
  • Custom Manager

Module 4 Data Storing

  • Persistence store
  • SQLite database
  • File System

Module 5  Menus

  • Implementing Menus
  • Context Menus

Module 6 Utility and Legacy classes

  • Displaying images
  • Zooming and panning images
  • Displaying information on screen temporarily
  • Fetching user location
  • Location API
  • Displaying Maps
  • GPS implementation

Module 7 Location Based services          

  • Fetching user location
  • Location API
  • Displaying Maps
  • GPS implementation

Module 8 Networking

  • Interaction with wireless services
  • Web services implementation

Module 9 Sounds and Video

  • Creating Application which implements the audio and video functionality

Module 10 Packaging and publishing your app on BlackBerry World      

  • Procedure to Publish an app to blackberry appstore

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